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Brexit Remains A Hot Mess After Voters Made A Dreadful Decision

May 11, 2018

New polling in the Guardian today puts fresh pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to shift his own position further in the Remain direction. The survey by the People’s Vote campaign shows more than two-thirds of Labour voters want a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

The fact remains that too many Brits were not aware of what they were voting for when it came to leaving the EU.   There was plenty of information to be had to make an informed decision–but lazy voters did not gather the facts before heading to the polls.  (Now where else might that have occurred?)

The morning after the dreadful outcome was made known there was a surge of Google users in Britain searching to understand what Brexit meant.

The latest poll, by Opinium, finds a small overall majority of 53% in favor of a vote on the deal, with 31% opposed.

But among Labour voters the majority is much bigger, 69% to 18%, and among the so-called Corbynista generation of under-35s, 65% want a second vote to 22% opposed. The pattern is broadly similar in leave and remain voting areas across the UK.

Many contend that the Brexit deal described by the leave campaign at the time of the election is very different to the one they will get. They were told Brits could get all the economic benefits of the EU after they left, but that is patently not the case as new facts emerge every week.

But why in the world would the voters think that they should have all the benefits if they left the EU?  That makes no sense—and now we can go back to why it was important for the voters to be better informed when they made their choice.

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