President Carter Correct: United States Wrong To Move Embassy To Jerusalem

European foreign ministries were among many around the world who correctly slammed the United States decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.   The move is simply counter to international law, and it will create a more heightened atmosphere where violence can be expected, and that outrage now can be understood when it does occur.   Furthermore, no one should feel concerned for whatever blow back Israel receives as we should know this embassy move to be wrong and illegal.

The Israeli government claims Jerusalem as its capital, but the Palestinian National Authority considers East Jerusalem to be Palestinian territory illegally occupied by Israel since the Six Day War in 1967.  Palestinians see East Jerusalem as the capital in the future Palestinian state.

For my birthday in 2006 James bought me Palestine; Peace not Apartheid written by President Jimmy Carter. It is one of the best quick reads on a region that still seeks a way forward.  As Carter explains a two-state solution is self-evident, and the role for the U.S. as mediator is the only one that will work.

Today the U.S. removed itself as a credible objective force in the Palestinian dispute.  It did so by undermining the most serious part of any final agreement between Palestinians and Israel–that being the final status of Jerusalem.

The part of the world community which still is based on law knows–as Carter does–that UN Resolution 242 stating Israel must withdraw from occupied lands is one that should be adhered to and not placed aside.  For the U.S. to join forces with the Zionists who have undermined the rule of law and decency is nothing short of a dark day for the history books.

No one wants violence in the Middle East–but do the same ones who espouse peace not understand that Israel has confiscated and subjected a people for decades which breeds a resentment that will have to be reckoned with?  Again.

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