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J. Edgar Hoover Never Even Tried To Be Authentic

May 15, 2018

Am reading Being Nixon by Evan Thomas and ran across the most amusing story on page 286.

President Nixon is having dinner with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s at the man’s home in 1970.   Though Nixon almost never accepted invitations outside the White House he needed Hoover and so sat down in the quiet residential neighborhood with one of the more colorful people D.C. ever had in its midst.

After dinner, Hoover took the president down to the “recreation room” for a drink.  The walls were covered with girlie pinups, which Hoover made a point of showing off.

Readers to CP know that living authentically is something that I press often, and even call out some for not living honestly.  There is sadness to what Thomas writes as it would appear not even in Hoover’s own home was he able to be himself and not live a lie about his homosexuality.

If one can not be true to oneself in one’s home…….then there is no hope for any type of peace.

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  1. Randy permalink
    May 31, 2018 11:33 AM

    Every gay person today can thank someone who decades ago who was also gay, and at least opened the door and waved at the world, and in so doing made a huge change for the movement of gay rights. It is a shame that too many like Hoover never had the ability to even look with ease in their own mirror.

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