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Being Prepared With Facts And Background Is A Good Thing!

May 16, 2018

I do not mean to bring up Richard Nixon again, and again.  But…

One of the things that could be said of Nixon prior to any meeting with a foreign leader was the stacks of binders and briefing books that would be consumed so to be well prepared for the mission at hand.   It was during the David Frost interviews–and yes I own all the hours on VHS(!)–Nixon points out the small details and habits of certain world leaders which adds then to his overall answers.    Nixon’s ability throughout his life to talk in depth about policy and then to outline and force into being a new world arrangement (Russia/China) only underscores why reading and being well-prepared is essential if one sits in the Oval Office.

However Time reports……

With just one month until a scheduled sit-down with North Korea’s leader, Trump hasn’t set aside much time to prepare for meeting with Kim Jong Un, a stark contrast to the approach of past presidents,

Said one administration official: “He doesn’t think he needs to.”

Aides plan to squeeze in time for Trump to learn more about Kim’s psychology and strategize on ways to respond to offers Kim may make in person, but so far a detailed plan hasn’t been laid out for getting Trump ready for the summit.

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