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Hey, Governor Kay Ivey, It Is OK To Be Gay

May 16, 2018

A little more than 12 hours after a state legislator suggested she was gay, Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey issued a strong denial, the Birmingham News reports.

Said Ivey: “This most recent personal attack against me is beyond disgraceful. It’s a disgusting lie being pushed by a paid left wing liberal political operative. There is absolutely no truth to it. It’s false. It’s wrong. It’s a bald faced lie. And I’m not gonna let them get away with it.”

Come now, Ivey!

Being gay is not like living the life of a televangelist, or a genital grabber-in-chief.  Your party has more than enough embarrassments and dolts to fill an entire NASCAR arena.  So before you get all dizzy and needy some Southern hanky to dab your brow over having people think you are gay just recall which party you call home!

If you think being gay is not somehow moral consider who you link arms with in your political tent!  Good Lord woman, you have every reason to turn that nasty political tent over long before you start tipping over your bed.

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