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Farm Tip For Paul Ryan: Never Try To Milk A Bull

May 18, 2018

The sweeping farm bill failed at passage in the House and thus makes for yet another colossal embarrassment to GOP leaders who were unable to placate conservatives demanding commitments on immigration.

Kicking the brown-skinned people during the farm bill debate is too ironic even for bad jokes–though I trust late night comics will connect the dots.

What I am stunned at from a purely political playbook type of reasoning is why the Republican leadership put the bill on the floor knowing that there was a very good chance it would fail?  There was, after all, unanimous Democratic opposition.

The ultra right were not going to budge or compromise and so the gamble by Speaker Ryan  was a huge stain on his ‘ability’ to run the House.   The vote was 198-213.

Those who follow farm policy at major news organizations are saying the vote today may preclude any bill passing this year.  (Are farmers who voted Republican winning so much they are now tired of it?)

But what I am truly interested in is the damage caused by Ryan on those in leadership who jumped off the cliff with him–but want to climb higher come January in a new congress,.  Nothing looks worse for someone seeking a leadership position than to have the stench of a major loss wafting about.

Once more the Republican Party continues to showcase to the nation the depth of their inability to govern.

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