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Alderman David Ahrens Akin To Senator Rand Paul

May 23, 2018

Madison Alderman David Ahrens is our Rand Paul—and that is not a positive comparison.

There are times when a city is required to take an action that is not perfect but clearly needed–as was the case at the last council meeting.  The last thing needed is to revisit what has been settled–by unanimous vote!

The Judge Doyle building project has been one of the longest to get off the ground due to antics of some who claim they are for the over-all project but still need to attempt to inject their personal grievances.  With no care for the forward movement that is in the best interest for the city some like to maneuver and plot ways to undermine what has already been decided.

So here comes Ahrens.

Ahrens was out of town last week when the council met and so missed the vote to spend the additional $11 million.   But fear not late-night lovers of all-night council proceedings.  The alder will ask his colleagues to reconsider the proposal.    This is an excuse for him to pontificate on camera over the Judge Doyle project. 

Like Paul in Washington, Ahrens in Madison is annoying and frustrating.  He seems to get his nose out of joint with some degree of regularity.  How the council will handle him for what is a meeting item no one wants will be most interesting.

I would suggest alders bring a book to read.  No one will blame them for getting a few chapters of light reading done for the day.

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