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Will Citizens Fall For “Deep State” Or Stand Up For Law And Order?

May 23, 2018

Here we go again.

Donald Trump has long complained about a matter that is at times the source for a good book or a summer-type film at the theater.  The topic is also one that the far un-hinged element on talk radio like to rant about on late night shows.   The matter is the so-called “deep state” which a good author can make some money on with a paperback read.

But Trump is not writing a book–Good Lord he has admitted to not even liking to read!–but instead is playing partisan politics for his under-educated base by invoking “deep state” and pretending that he is somehow the victim of a sinister attack.   Once again he is trying to spin his yarn that law enforcement and intelligence communities are out to get him.

The purpose of Trump’s nefarious activity is one that strikes to the heart of our republic.  What Trump is aiming for is to delegitimize the work of career professionals who seek to make sure law and order is adhered to in our nation.  The work of the FBI and Justice Department should be respected in our country and the results of investigations made public.  The law once broken needs to have a remedy applied.

For too many decades Trump has flounced the law, it not actually breaking it, in a number of ways–many which have been reported.   But as the person who sits in the Oval Office, however, it is incumbent on Trump to follow the laws, not undermine the respect for law and order, and to not mock or disdain those who seek to uphold justice.

Yes, Trump is in a very deep and self-dug legal hole.  But that was his choice in creating.   For the good of the republic he must be stopped from trying to tear down the nation in order to save himself.

And in the same breath it needs stating we need to have a citizenry who will value our laws and history and not cow to Trump who is operating outside of normal behavior for a president in the post-Watergate era.  (And I know a thing or two about that…as long time readers are aware.)

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