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Good News That North Korean Summit Cancelled

May 24, 2018

I have felt from the start that is was a horrible idea for Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un to meet.  It was not structured around any plausible basis of understanding for such a high-level meeting.  The laborious part of developing why such a meeting was rational never happened.  I also come from the perspective that in most cases the United States does not allow for a meeting with the leader of the free world until there are some foundations established.   Photo ops are not a reason to meet and shake hands with international piranhas.

I also felt very troubled with Trump holding such a meeting.  He does not like to read and is easily bored with briefings which are designed to educate him on the many things of which he is not aware.  The international stage is one that Trump has no understandings about so a most sensitive and complicated meeting with the leader of North Korea could have turned out to be a huge disaster.

So my view on the news this morning is most clear.  This summit was half-baked from the start so this is a positive development that it was never held.  Meanwhile, Trump supporters will have to hold off on hoping for any Nobel Peace Prize for their Leader.  Or does the three thumb crowd think there is a Nobel Prize for making North Korea look good and the US look stupid?

What has been most bizarre to watch play out was how National Security Advisor John Bolton talked about ‘the Libyan model’, and how Vice President Mike Pence threatened a fate like Quadaffi when referencing Kim.  How precisely did the US think such rhetoric would play on the Korean Peninsula?

Kim is evil.  There can be no doubt when considering how he has starved his people for military might.  But at the same time let’s be honest the words from Bolten and Pence were highly disrespectful, inflammatory, and irresponsible.   There is no doubt that diplomacy was actively being screwed up by the United States.

There were outright attempts made to show the entire world that Kim was not, and never would be, an ‘equal’ on the leadership stage.  There is no way to be pressing for a summit on the one hand, but using such low-ball tactics on the other hand, and then be shocked at the new today.  If the Trump Administration truly wanted to build trust and cooperation they should not have threaten to activate the ‘Libyan model’.

There might be some lessons, however, to be taken from this embarrassing episode starring Trump.  Perhaps those in power and most close to the workings of government might curtail their mouths, twitter fingers, and attitude, and stop acting like such incompetent and irresponsible loose cannons.

I know….I know….now I am writing comedy.

  1. May 24, 2018 3:34 PM

    Or meeting and failing–or giving away far more than Trump understood.

  2. May 24, 2018 12:40 PM

    For some reason, I’m also glad the summit was cancelled. …. I can’t imagine two morons meeting, and succeeding.

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