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“It IS For The President”

May 28, 2018

This weekend I finished The President And The Assassin by Scot Miller.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and learned much about the Spanish-American War.  That episode in our nation’s story has always been a weak link for me–so the read was really one that put some events into proper alignment.

Along the way I read one quote that simply was too good not to pass along.

President McKinley has been shot.  The best surgeon in the area around Buffalo, New York happens to be away in Niagara Falls where is he operating on a man with a malignant neck tumor.  The doctor, Roswell Park, learns of the shooting when someone burst into his operating room shouting.

“Doctor, you are wanted at once in Buffalo!”

Park cut him off. “Don’t you see that I can’r leave this case even if it were for the President of the United States?”

“Doctor,” the other answered, “It is for the President of the United States.”

Park obviously was not available to carry out the surgery on McKinley.

It should be noted something else that I found most interesting about this part of the book.

The surgeon was not able to locate the bullet inside of McKinley.   But neither could the one who did the autopsy many days later.  There was no exit wound so the bullet was lodged somewhere in the body.  The autopsy took four hours–and no sighting of the bullet was ever made.

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