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Does GOP Congressman Glenn Grothman Still Claim To Be For Small Government?

May 29, 2018

One of the most quirky Wisconsin politicians is about to seek a third term in congress—but his actions while in office raise a question about his philosophical foundations.

Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman has spent nearly as much on government mail and printing expenses as he has on his re-election campaign since the start of 2017.   To put it another way he leads all members of the House congressional delegation from Wisconsin on such expenses.

Grothman spent $268,939 on mail-related expenses from Jan. 1, 2017, to March 30, 2018, compared to the average for Wisconsin House members of $87,442.  In the same period, Grothman’s campaign organization spent $283,590, according to the Federal Election Commission.

How does that square, however, with his love of smaller government, and cutting budgets and castigating any social service program that aims to help all those ‘other people’ that do not fit in around a corporate conference table?

I find Grothman not be honest when trying to explain these costs.  The mail and printing costs is needed, he claims, as his constituents are wanting more mailbox envelopes as opposed to email.  He claims—with what passes for his sincerity—this is done because voters in his district like it that way.   I simply do not find that a credible defense.

Franking expenses are often campaign fodder and that is sure to be the case as Grothman’s Democratic opponent, Dan Kohl, is going to press the issue.  There is no way to miss the 800-pound elephant in the room overt his matter–and that is Grothman’s spending on mail is a way to supplement his campaign fund.

Grothman is one of those members of congress who think the laws only apply for those who work and pay the taxes back in the district.  He thinks political rhetoric on the campaign trail, such as spouting smaller government and less spending, is only useful for getting Republican voters to cast a ballot.

As long as Republican voters are happy to be played like a fiddle and used by the Glen Grothmans of the world–well–then his kind will keep on playing the system and hoping no one notices.

Now move along workers of Wisconsin and earn more money to pay more taxes—Glenn Grotham wants to write a snail-mail letter to his constituents! 

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