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What! Donald Trump Said Something Moronic About American History?

May 29, 2018

Good God!  Please make this most ignorant man shut the hell up!

Donald Trump, in Nashville, said African Americans have blindly voted for Democrats “for over a hundred years.”  If only black folks had the right to vote for that long …

Is there not one single history book with enough pictures in it to allow for Trump to get even a vague outline of history?  Historians weep.

Robert Caro is cringing tonight for sure as he wrote a tome about this matter as it related to Lyndon Baines Johnson and the first major voting rights act to pass congress in the 1950’s.  1,040 pages to be precise.  Finished it this year and wrote a short review.

It should be noted that Trump–ever the absolute idiot–missed another major point in his off-the-crazy-wall comment.   He’s missing in his broad stoke that until the civil rights movement, black voters were likely to vote Republican up until 1900.

Tonight–once again–we can justifiably laugh in Trump’s face.

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