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Pre-Existing Conditions Under Fire From Trump Administration

June 9, 2018

When one talks about health care there are many opinions heard around the nation.  But everyone, it seems, agrees on one point.  Making sure pre-exiting conditions are covered under insurance plans is vital.  Which is why the news this week from the Trump Administration is so perplexing.

The Trump White has undertaken–in a mid-term election year–a plan to eliminate one of the most popular parts of the law.  The protections for people with pre-existing conditions Politico reports.

The administration wants a federal court to strike the protections, providing fresh fodder to Democrats who argue that the GOP cannot be trusted to protect Americans’ health insurance months ahead of a midterm election in which health care was already a top issue. It also threatens to shift attention away from the GOP’s message on tax cuts, refocusing it on an Obamacare fight most Republicans wanted to put behind them.


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