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Stormy Daniels Is Not An American Hero–Dane County Notwithstanding

June 10, 2018

Can you imagine what Bess Truman would have said or done had President Harry Truman been caught up in a web of the kind we now hear about daily concerning Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump?  Some of my readers are now asking, “What?”

Let me explain.

For several days I have thought about how to address the news that Daniels was ‘performing’ just outside of Madison.  I had thought about just not mentioning it at all on my blog.  Though she is front and center in a legal battle with Trump, I also find the entire episode so far removed from the norms of the history I read and love that not mentioning her seemed the appropriate road to take.

Until I read the write up of her Middleton appearance in the Sunday edition of the Wisconsin State Journal. 

Those who turned out to see her–of both sexes–made her seem to be something of a hero, or an icon.    A man attended the show on the day of his 33rd wedding anniversary, so to let Daniels make more money to further challenge Trump.  I am simply stunned by the reaction from my fellow Dane County citizens to this woman.

So on this slow-paced Sunday my mind reflects on Bess Truman.  I know it sounds old-fashioned, out-of-step, hokey, and dare I say, conservative.  And that is just fine.  But for all my life–and yours too–there have been certain guardrails to our politics.  Our frothy and robust politics bumped up against them but the norms of the nation pushed back and the center again was the driving lane,   Truman comes to mind as she can be defined as the middle-of-the road commoner which used to be the way the majority of the citizenry could also be labeled.   And that was a positive thing.

But now as the newspaper story detailed, a woman at the Daniels show paid $100 to—and I will leave it there.   My fellow citizens paid money to see someone who slept with a would-be president–who at the time of the sexual encounter was a married man with a newborn child at home.   Surely we can not have slid so far into the ditch that we have now elevated porn stars to the level of heroes.   But if one reads the newspaper account that is, indeed, where we have landed.

That we have drifted so far from the moorings of our historical past is mighty concerning.  Too few care about it, too few talk about it.  But every single day we are drifting further from the shore, and it seems for many it is just a carefree trip.  Until we hit the iceberg.

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  1. Ed Hammer permalink
    June 11, 2018 6:35 AM

    Each new day seems to bring yet another scandal, corrupt act, or just plain crime. It seems like that low point we reached yesterday is eclipsed by yet an even lower point. I am disappointed in how many folks seem to revel in the sewage. I believe we may have passed the tipping point.

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