“The President Is Missing” Makes For Perfect Summertime Page-Turning

I found myself trying to determine which sections were penned by President Bill Clinton and which were written by James Patterson.  At times, it was easy while turning the pages of The President Is Missing, such as when there were policy items thrown into the mix or the sense of betrayal that the fictional character, President Duncan, had to deal with as a cyber-terror attack looms over the nation.  There was a real sense of what a president might feel as the world tumbles out of control.  Since the book is told from the viewpoint of Duncan there is an immediacy to the chaos that unfolds.

I like well-plotted political thrillers. and this writing duo did not disappoint.  The web of international players and the twisted mind of a madman makes for a story that, sadly, is all to plausible.  One might hope that those in power in Washington do not shrug off the opportunity to read this book, as the fear factor alone might be enough for policy wonks to renew their real-life efforts to keep the nation safe.   The background of computer hacking, which is part of the narrative, gives a glimpse into the tech world in which we live–and the dangerous turns it can take.

Both authors wrote in long-hand as they journeyed together in writing this book.  But the magic happens with how Clinton takes on the task of getting his progressive Southern character to do battle with a Newt Gingrich type House Speaker.  I suspect if one had the original handwritten pages from Clinton’s hand the impression on the page from the pen would be much more pronounced as the threat of impeachment takes over the pages.

At 513 pages the story moves in a fluid fashion.  But when the past page is over it seemed sad in that there was not more to enjoy.  During the days when my spirits were low upon seeing the immigrant children separated from their parents, I would escape for a while with Clinton and Patterson.  This week I will need to face the harsh world without Johnathon Duncan.

For my readers wanting a beach book, or one to take on the plane to a vacation spot, you can do no better with a current read than this one.

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