Wisconsin Feeling The Trumpocalypse

Many Wisconsinites walked with their adored Republican candidate for the presidency in 2016 and signed the deal for a relationship at the election box.  But the mood of warm summer breezes and fireflies gliding in the moonlight came to a crashing end this week with the news that Donald Trump has no regard for faithfulness to the ones who brought him to the dance.  Wisconsin, after all, was a major key to the Electoral College victory he attained.

In what can only be described as another example of why anger management classes are needed in the White House, Trump has threatened Harley-Davidson, the iconic motorcycle company, with severe taxes.  He also went further and predicted a public revolt that he said would eventually put the 115-year-old firm out of business.

The whole absurd spectacle stems from the company announcing their plan to move some operations outside the United States as a way to avoid getting caught in the middle of an escalating trade war.  It seems any Republican who has a business oriented way of viewing the world would fully understand the motives of the company.

Trump does not like to be embarrassed or have his policy moves proven to be frightfully wrong.  So when the company made their plans public, and placed the reason at the doorstep of his self-created trade war, the bombast went into overdrive.

It has been reported the company planned to have a new plant in Thailand.  But it has also been no secret that many businesses are rightfully concerned about a trade war with a number of other countries.   What company would not take protective action when the leader of the free world incites trade havoc with Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and possibly India?

Wisconsin voters are now feeling the full effect of what they voted for in 2016.  The concerns about the men and women of this state has no ranking compared to the matter of Trump’s insecurities.  When he knows that forces are arrayed against him for making bad decisions he reacts like a child.  He unleashes his anger and vituperative threats to prove how tough he is.  Harley-Davidson–and the folks of this state–are only the latest to be included in this dangerous manner of acting from the Oval Office.

It has been reported that Trump does not have close friends.  He also has proven to have no allegiances to those who have helped him.  Wisconsin voters now grasp that fact all too well.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Feeling The Trumpocalypse

  1. Solly

    I wonder how many MAGA caps are being worn at the HD factory today. I’m loving the interviews with the Trump voters in SW Wisconsin on the pig farms who are facing Mexican quotas (China’s a big pork consumer too) and according to the Farm Babe the farmers in Western Wisconsin grow edible beans (kidney) which are facing tariffs from the EU. As are cranberry growers. And soybeans are taking a hit. And Humpty Trumpty complaining about unfair Canadian policies which justified tariffs “to protect the farmers?” In 2016, the United States exported $631.6 million in dairy products to Canada, compared to just $113 million in Canadian dairy imports to the United States (these figures are in U.S. dollars). I guess they should have had more white space and “pitchers” in Humpty’s briefing papers. And the dairy farmers in NE Wisconsin? Who ya going to get to pull the teats on your farms when we go to a “merit” immigration system? Or slaughter the cows you sell to the Green Bay packing plants. Vote for the dumb ass, live with the dumb ass.

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