Fourth Of July Break With Greg Iles

Friends, family, food, fireworks, fun, is on the agenda for this next week as I step back from the blog and relax.

While browsing in a store during the most recent monsoon in Madison, which was Tuesday afternoon, I ran into the last book of the trilogy authored by Greg Iles.  The first one, of course, was not available at the store.  So on Wednesday I ordered Natchez Burning, shortly after 1 P.M. from my favorite store–Amazon.  Less than 24 hours later (12:47 P.M. Thursday to be precise) it arrived on the front stoop from Kentucky!  Yes, I can clearly now see why Donald Trump wishes to destroy Jeff Bezos.

Now, that will be the last critical thing I say about Trump until we all gather again after the Fourth of July Holiday!  Meanwhile you will find me with a mug of coffee and the Iles’ book about race and the eternal smoldering anger of the South which critics say echo that of Thomas Wolfe and William Faulkner.

Have a fun and safe summer Holiday.



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