Seedy Scott Pruitt Slithers Out Of Trump Administration

Scott Pruitt, the seedy and ethically-challenged administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency who cared not bit for the environment resigned in face of self-created hurdles he could not ever clear.  His shattered legacy will contain severe lapses in a moral code that allowed him to squander taxpayer money and make a monkey of himself on the public dime. One might feel something for his wife, in light of the national scorn that has piled up, if not for the fact she was a user and manipulator, too.  They truly are a despicable pair.

There is no remorse from this blogger for the self-righteous Pruitt who, for political purposes used his religion on the one hand to promote himself, only to work over-time on the other hand to destroy the Lord’s work upon this planet.  Pruitt’s faith is about as deep as the intellect of the man who nominated him to a cabinet position.

What I found simply gross was his resignation letter.  If you have not read it, please do.  Then take a hot shower and wash off the vomit.  It truly is that troubling as Pruitt underscores his lack of accountability right up to the very end.  He blames the press, of course, and worse still wraps himself in a sickening shroud of religious sanctimony.  One has to wonder if Pruitt engaged in some sort of flagellation or bizarre behavior when crafting his letter which is fawning to the Leader he really revers, Donald Trump.  One wonders if Pruitt got a sexual high when he wrote that  Providence brought him to Trump.    (And then Trump popped a tic-tac as I entered the Oval Office…..)

What is lacking of course in the resignation letter is any acknowledgement of the dismal track record where literally dozens of ethical lapses have taken place during his tenure. Obviously all the investigations need to be completed and Pruitt must be held accountable for his abuses while in office.

It is clear that law and ethics are as foreign to him as good taste in husbands is to Marilyn Pruitt.

I am, of course, most pleased that this shameful person is gone from public service.  The policy damage he inflicted remains.  In addition, the harm he caused includes the undermining in the hope that the citizenry must have in their leaders.   So how does a voter in Peoria come to terms with a praying jackass who broke the law with his purchase of a $43,000 secure telephone booth?

Or understand how the EPA Secretary leased a bedroom in a condominium linked to a Canadian energy company’s powerful Washington lobbying firm?

Or come to grips with how and why Pruitt demoted or sidelined E.P.A. employees who questioned his actions?

We now have had five cabinet officers and innumerable other senior aides fired or forced out of an administration months before the mid-terms.  I can not remember another administration in my lifetime with such poor personnel decisions.  The reason I can not recall such things is that it never happened.

This is what happens when…………..

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