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Women In Iowa Have Fundamental Right To Abortion

July 5, 2018

Last week there was some news from Iowa that must not be lost sight of in the chaos generated by Donald Trump’s theatrics.  Iowa women have a fundamental right to abortion under the Iowa Constitution.  That is what the Iowa Supreme Court ruled.

The landmark 5-2 decision tossed out a 72-hour waiting period requirement, which legislators passed in 2017. Experts said the justices’ decision could dim the chances for a 2018 “fetal heartbeat” law, which would ban most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.  A bill that is–to be blunt–simply absurd.

Friday’s ruling came as the result of a lawsuit Planned Parenthood of the Heartland filed challenging the 72-hour waiting period. The requirement was part of a law signed by then-Governor Terry Branstad, a Republican who is a staunch opponent of abortion. The waiting period requirement had been placed on hold during Planned Parenthood’s legal challenge, which prevailed in the ruling.

Legal experts have stated the way the ruling was written makes it “pretty much a death knell” for any new Iowa laws limiting abortion.  Let the anti-choice crowd get a stick and poke at bears when bored.  Just leave women alone.

The nation knows there is a legal right for a woman to have an abortion.  It is settled law.  If Republicans wish to start a real political war over this matter they need to know they will lose and regret their attempt in trying.

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