Trump Attacks Thousand Points Of Light

Last night during a rally of the deplorable followers of Donald Trump another new low was set.

“And by the way, you know all of the rhetoric: ‘Thousands points of light.’ What the hell was that?” Trump asked his audience. “What does that mean?”

And you can imagine how all those in attendance without a library card in their wallet reacted.

President George H. W. Bush’s aim to attract those to volunteer projects was a noble effort–one that still should resonate.

The attack on “thousands points of light” was another gutter ball at America. As a literacy volunteer and Big Brother I know the value of lending a helping hand. I am ashamed of what my country is becoming due to Trump and his followers.

The moral impulses behind volunteering are not part of Trump’s make-up.  The man is an intellectual desert with the nerve to impugn those strengths in others.  Sadly, the audience that he stood in front of were much the same.   Cretins, boors, and simple-minded knuckle-draggers.