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How Many Misstatements (Lies) Did Donald Trump Make At July 5th Rally?

July 10, 2018

Many news organizations have reported on the many false statements made at most recent Trump rally on July 5th.  Today the Washington Post did a break-down of the statements.

I come from the perspective that anyone can mess up a fact or piece of information.  But when that misstatement is said over and over that then becomes an attempt to lie and mislead a nation. The words a president uses must be measured and lining up with facts.

Here then is the news today as reported in the WP.

We’re doing something new today: Analyzing every factual claim from President Trump’s campaign rally in Montana on July 5.” “According to our analysis, the truth took a beating in Montana. From a grand total of 98 factual statements we identified, 76 percent were false, misleading or unsupported by evidence.” “Here’s a breakdown: 45 false or mostly false statements, 25 misleading statements and four unsupported claims. We also counted 24 accurate or mostly accurate statements. False or mostly false statements alone accounted for 46 percent of all claims.

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