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$12 Billion In Welfare For Farmers, Rural Voters Have Their Hands Out Again

July 25, 2018

Farmers like to rant about welfare and social spending but when they get their overalls bunched they are the first in line for money from the government.   The Trump administration is more than happy to turn on the money spigot.

The Agriculture Department said it would make available up to $12 billion of short-term aid, a one-time “bridge” for farmers as Trump attempts to dig his way out of a dreadful set of trade and tariff decisions. In addition to making direct payments to corn and soybean farmers, the administration says it will buy surpluses of crops like fruits and nuts and distribute them to food assistance programs.  It will also direct funds toward building trade in other countries.

What makes this all the more troubling is that the announcement came a few hours after Trump tweeted “tariffs are the greatest!”

Recall when the average Republican viewed tariffs as nothing more than being akin to a tax?  Recall when Republicans once touted themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility?

The formula for direct payments to farmers of corn, soy, wheat, sorghum, dairy and hogs hasn’t yet been released. No Congressional approval is needed for the programs, which will be funded through and authorized by the Commodity Credit Corporation, a program dating back to the 1930s that helps offset farming losses. The corporation can borrow up to $30 billion from the Treasury.

Trump’s bailout for farmers is welfare.  And actual conservatives–the ones who understand the true philosophical underpinnings of conservatism–should be exasperated over the billions of dollars to be spent.  Pro-free trade Republicans–and I am a pro-free-trade liberal Democrat–are already furious with Trump’s escalation of tariffs against U.S. allies and China.  This is a multi-front trade war that is hurting our economy.

Farmers will be more than eager to take more money from the taxpayers. But what they really need to do is get out of the barn and read some newspapers and understand the gravity of their colossal mistake in 2016.

  1. July 25, 2018 3:11 PM

    Excellent comment, Solly!

  2. Subsidyless Solly permalink
    July 25, 2018 1:30 PM

    I wonder what kind of food assistance programs they intend to funnel the subsidized surpluses through. Ryan with the 2018 Farm Bill and Wanker with his laws are intent on making people piss in cups before they get food assistance. (they apparently share their obsession with piss with the Giant Cheeto) How long before ketchup is declared a vegetable and Cheetos are declared a dairy product, probably organic too since that label doesn’t mean anything under FDA. Farmers should consider that when China, the EU and Mexico decide they can get soybeans, pork, beef, dairy and corn from Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand and Russia they may not come back except for minor buys to make up the totals. But them farmers, they lurves they welfare. A farmer/legislator once joked that the reason that the farmers’ seed caps had a curved bill was from looking in the mailbox for their welfare checks.

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