What I Am Thinking About Today Is Freedom Of The Press

“Freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy.” Walter Cronkite.

I have feared all along about what is now taking place with Donald Trump undermining the institutions of our democracy.  It was clear from the start when Trump ramped up his diatribes against journalists during the campaign.  Many warned the nation–including this blogger–about the danger to our republic.

Truly troubling is that the same language used by tyrants from the pages of history when berating the press is what Trump has used again, and again. My concern for the safety of reporters and journalists is front and center.  As a former radio news reporter the worst I had to contend with were the smokers during the county board proceedings.  But what we all need to reckon with is the safety of our republic from a person–Trump–who has authoritarian aims.

What I see is most telling, and shocking.

And you need to see and realize it, too.

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