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Why Would International Tourists Want To Come To United States With Trump In White House?

August 5, 2018

There is an interesting development which has occurred that does make the front page of the newspaper.  No flames, or crashes, or wild weather to this story.  No, this story is really under the radar–almost impossible to notice–unless you look at the statistics.

It always comes down to those troubling numbers.

Since Orange Mussolini took over the Oval Office tourism to the United States from foreign countries has steadily dropped.  Before I go further you might think this is due to some rising prices for tickets or jet fuel increases. But the fact is all those factors are not in play as when one looks at world-wide travel the only word that can be used–and that is booming–when it comes to the back and forth underway around the world.

But not to the United States.

Travel Association has posted their figures projecting a further drop in 2018, from a share of worldwide tourism of 12.0 percent in 2017 to 11.7 percent this year. And this is after a drop in Trump’s first year in office from 12.9 percent. Though the numbers and differentials look small in percentages, they are large in terms of dollars not spent here by foreign tourists and they have serious negative implications for jobs not created.

Living in Madison where many conventions take place–and just this week millions were made with the CrossFit Games–it is most clear how an influx of people just for a few days makes for a tremendous amount of revenue.   Contrast this one instance into a national 52 week perspective and it is easy to see the damage Trump is bringing to the tourism industry.

When working for the Wisconsin State Assembly on the Tourism Committee, I can attest to the slightest changes and events in our state which made for either a good year or a bad one for the different players in the tourism industry.  To have a constant bombastic xenophobe ripping and tearing at the international community does not make for a warm and welcoming tourism climate.  And it is costing businesses money.

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