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Stunning News From West Virginia–Who Love Political Intrigue?

August 7, 2018

West Virginia lawmakers voted to recommend the impeachment of all four sitting members of the state’s highest court on charges of abusing tax dollars for personal use.

The move Tuesday against the justices on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, which observers called unprecedented for a state’s high court in the modern era, came after a weekslong legislative probe into spending practices that lawmakers said ran amok.

The Republican-led judiciary committee of the state House of Delegates accused each of the justices of violating their oaths by making “unnecessary and lavish” expenditures, including a combined $1.5 million to design and furnish their personal offices.

Other articles of impeachment charged justices with abusing travel budgets and accused the court’s chief justice, Democrat Margaret Workman, with overpaying senior judges on lower courts in violation of a statutory salary cap.

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