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Kneeling For National Anthem Is A First Amendment Right

August 10, 2018

I am always perplexed how Donald Trump can bluster and foam over the Second Amendment but not care in a very real and deep way over the First Amendment.  Once again Trump has undermined free speech by lambasting the NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem.

By now we know when Trump stirs up such peripheral issues he is attempting to deflect from the real 800-pound gorillas in the room.  Such as the Russia investigation and the Paul Manafort trial.  If he can just get FAUX News talking about NFL players then his base will have the pablum they need to make it past all the meaty issues the rest of the nation is absorbed in.

So we now have Trump again igniting, in his usual tantrum style, a feud with the National Football League.  He took to Twitter, one images in the bathroom, blasting football players who knelt or raised a fist during the national anthem last night.  Trump even went so far as to state those players did not know what they were protesting.

This coming from a most under-educated and incurious person!  Trump is nothing short of a blooming idiot–and that is on the days when his meds seem to be clicking.

One of the players who protested by raising his fist last night, Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins stated in response to Trump that, “I’m fighting for Americans and citizens that have been disenfranchised, that have been systemically oppressed for centuries.”

And that is his right!

It is a right that is stated quite perfectly in the U.S. Constitution.

I am not a football fan—I like the fall outdoor weather so while others watch games I head to state parks or rake leaves in the yard.   Having said that, however, I am very proud of the player’s union for not buckling to the antics of Trump, or to some of the conservative owners.  I am also proud of the players who know that in life there are larger issues that call for action that at times can create controversy.    To those who act with conscience and resolve I tip my hat.

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