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My Letter To Editor Printed In Wisconsin State Journal

August 10, 2018

The Wisconsin State Journal did a most impressive job of reporting on the Yahara Lakes at the same time Donald Trump was demonizing reporters and the press.  I wrote a short letter to the newspaper about the week-long series, which published it today in the printed copies.  (On a side note the Madison Capital Times used one of my blog posts online and it made for a headline which thrilled me–after all, a byline always makes for smiles.)

With the insightful and informative Yahara Lakes series the Wisconsin State Journal has again proven why newspapers are relevant. No other medium could have tackled the entirety of the stories, which the paper did.   Time constraints and consultant-driven broadcasts limits local television news. Investigating and reporting with many column inches has always made newspapers a most important resource for understanding the world around us.

Much has changed over the five decades of my life, but reading a daily newspaper remains the same. Newspapers are more than just a daily record of events that make for historical documentation. They also add a very important sense of commonality that allows us to have some overall reference point as citizens.

Thanks to the reporters and entire staff at the WSJ for doing a continual service with each edition of the newspaper.

Gregory Humphrey

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