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My WDOR Radio Promo For Election Night 1984 As We Celebrate National Radio Day

August 20, 2018

Today is National Radio Day.

I worked in radio (WDOR AM/FM- Sturgeon Bay, WI) and have a 60-second audio recording of my work from 1984. I broadcast under the name of ‘Trevor James’. When I was I thinking of what to use as my on-air name it was my young nephew, Trevor, who told me it would be fun to hear his name on the radio. From there it was only a short time before I had come up with my alias.

I have many recordings that bring back smiles and memories from the days when I was starting out in life as an adult, and also cutting my teeth in politics. While I was working on-air under one name, I was also the Door County Democratic Party Chairperson under my real name. The zeal that I felt for politics can be summed up in the two radio promos for Election Night that can be found on the You Tube video. I produced, edited, and recorded these promos in 1984. The thing that still stands out for me upon hearing them again after more than 30 years is that I was so excited about elections and politics. That is something that has not diminished.

I still must give credit to Ed Allen, Jr., general manager of WDOR, who took a chance on me. I have never stopped being grateful for his choice of hiring me for part of his on-air talent. He will never know how pivitol he was to my life, and how much I appreciate him. Readers might also be interested in knowing for a time Ed Allen was the Door County Republican Party Chairperson. Ed and I had great conversations on Saturday mornings when he would come to the station to do some work, and never failed to stop in the studio to banter about the headlines of the day. We had more in common, we both found out, than what separated us politically.

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  1. Dan permalink
    August 20, 2018 9:12 PM

    Enjoyed the post about your radio days and more civil times for political discussion.

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