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Moral Of Story When In Massive Rainstorm In Madison Is…..

August 21, 2018

So at 7:30 P.M. Monday I told my partner, James, we needed to “experience the storm”.  Madison was having a seriously major downpour that was already hours long.  I love weather and never got my chance at being a meteorologist.  James wonders why we have a very fast car—he has not yet heard my plans for being a storm chaser.   But that is another post.

So we left the Madison isthmus and traveled to the West Side.  We looked about and it was not until I felt the lift of the car start on High Point Road that I had my first feel that this was too much adventure.  Cars ahead of me were floating.  That is when I made a smart and careful U-turn.

But just as fast my mind went to food and dinner.  We ate at a Hilldale restaurant and had our car parked in the Target underground garage.  After dinner we walked back and when we were set to leave the ramp there was no place to go–University Ave was floating cars in the direction heading up to UW-Hospital.  So we went back into the garage and shopped at Target.

Folks where milling about in the large store–several nurses from UW-Hospital.  All looking at their electronic gadgets and seemingly not sure what to make of the large mass of heavy rain lingering over our area.  The store announced the place would not close at 11 PM but would remain open as a shelter.  So James and I headed to the books section (John Grisham for me, and James bought a book about France in WWII).  We were set for at least 400 pages.

It was fun, however, as others in the coffee shop area were joking and care-free.  Thankfully no children were stranded.,  The manager even brought out some games from the store for people to play.  At some point it looked like we could make it on the road and so we left.

Not so fast, bunky.

University Avenue was littered with inoperative cars and at some point impassable with water.  Some college age guys–one with a charming accent–told us how to take a turn and then some other directions to route us out of the area.   After riding on streets I had never heard of we somehow made it to Speedway and then on home at 12:15 AM.  Just a ways down our street the rain gauge at a friend’s home read 4 and 1/3 inches.

So the moral of this story is not to limit our exploration of wild weather…..the moral of the story is always leave home with a book!

(I can hear my mother sighing—LOUDLY!)

  1. August 21, 2018 12:25 PM

    Also, don’t chase tornadoes. People get killed doing that. Read “The Man Who Caught The Storm” about legendary chaser Tim Samaras.

  2. August 21, 2018 12:21 PM

    It’s never too late to become a meteorologist. But you’ve got to really want it, and the money isn’t so good.


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