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Note To Madison Bishop Morlino: The Problem Is Pedophile Priests!

August 21, 2018

There is something within the DNA of Madison Bishop Robert Morlino which makes him determined to verbally attack gay people.  Over and over for decades, Morlino has used his position of power within the Catholic Church to denigrate and demean these men and women.  He has used his time to work on behalf of those who seek unequal laws and lowering of social norms when it comes to gay rights.

There is now yet another embarrassing episode for the diocese which features the deplorable actions and words of Morlino.

Without seeming to have any reticence over his move Morlino claims that a homosexual subculture within the Catholic Church’s hierarchy is surely the root cause, and source of blame for the countless priests who can not control their willies.  (I pick Brad Pitt to play the lead role in this fictionalized account of Morlino’s screen play.)  Where exactly in the Bible does Morlino find his source of inspiration for using gay people as a scapegoat?   

Pedophilia is a sexual disorder and also a crime. And facts show most pedophiles are heterosexual.  That is what needs to be dealt with in the Church.  But instead of taking the logical route the Bishop strikes out at his favorite target, gay men.  Morlino sent out a five-page message that underscores how shaky his attempt at rational thought is when it involves gay people.  

Rational people–meanwhile–who read the news accounts about Morlino’s latest attack will think about the larger problems which exist for Catholics.  The Church has no willingness to pull itself out of a tortured past.  If priests were able to marry, and women were not considered second-class actors in the play there would be a considerable lot less headlines that causes Morlino’s briefs to ride up.

Gay men are not the problem, of course.  But bribing victims of pedophile priests, and accused priests being transferred to new parishes are the problem. Morlino needs to look within the Church for the crimes and not seek to lay blame on society’s modernity.  The same type of modernity which would aid the Church.

Morlino needs to come to terms with many issues, but the one that seems to stymie him and all his male counterparts in the Church is how to take responsibility for the decades of suffering they have caused.   Beating up on gay men are not going to solve the Church’s problems.

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  1. Wondering? permalink
    August 22, 2018 7:11 AM

    I do not disagree with the bishop that there is a gay sub-culture within the priesthood. And, gay priests are among the pedophiles; but, so are heterosexual priests. HOWEVER, blaming the sexual abuse by Catholic priests on society’s changing acceptance of gay sexual orientation within recent decades is absolutely absurd. Sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has existed for decades, (some scholars say centuries), before a changing acceptance of gay sexual orientation within our society. And, the fact that there are a lot of gay priests, does not explain all the females who have been abused by priests. Yes, Morlino is obsessed with attacking homosexuality. Makes one wonder what caused that obsession!

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