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Current Street Closures On Madison Isthmus Due To Flooding

August 24, 2018

Living on the Madison isthmus is a joy.  Much history and natural beauty abounds.  Today many residents of the isthmus neighborhoods are doing what we do best.  Banding together and finding ways to be of assistance in time of need.

Following the downpours in Madison and western Dane County Monday night we all knew it was only a matter of time before the Four Lakes of this region would feel the impact.  That time is now.

Today the levels of water are rising.  Here are the latest street closings and things will change as water comes into our streets.

The following streets are closed:

  • E Johnson St—N Baldwin St to Fordem Ave
  • E Main St—S Dickinson St to Yahara River
  • E Mifflin St—N Blount St to N Paterson St
  • N Livingston St—E Washington Ave to E Dayton St
  • S Livingston St—E Washington Ave to Williamson St
  • Marston Ave—E Johnson St to Sherman Ave
  • N Brearly St—E Washington Ave to E Mifflin St

These streets are expected to be closed for an extended period—from one to two weeks or more.  This flooding is occurring due to rising lake levels backing up through the storm sewer.  Additional streets are expected to flood as lake levels rise over the next week.

Traffic volume capacity has been severely reduced on the isthmus.  Extended travel delays are expected during the morning and afternoon rush hours.  Drivers should avoid travelling on the isthmus during peak travel times.

Additional information can be found on the City of Madison Flooding web page.

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