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Meeting Of Madison School Board To Decide Police Officers In Schools–Lets Keep ERO’s In Schools!

August 26, 2018

On Saturday morning the residents of Orchard Ridge awoke to find a young man dead on the lawn of a home on Cameron Drive.  Tragically, he had been shot to death.  Stories abound around the city of teenagers stealing cars.  Home burglaries and heroin overdoses are becoming everyday events.  And as noted on this blog school shootings across the nation spur calls for more security, not less.

Yet somehow, for the past 18 months, the Madison school board has been considering expelling educational resource officers — city police — from our four public high schools.   This is pure bull-crap.

During that time, the board of education has heard almost exclusively from a noisy contingent largely composed of the International Socialist Organization, Progressive Dane, and the Freedom Inc. Youth Brigade.   It was some of that same ilk which forced OutReach, a gay community center, to their knees when they rescinded all law enforcement from marching in last week’s Madison Gay Pride parade.  To see the most base and outlandish prevail over the weak board of Outreach was troubling enough for the whole city to witness.  We can not–must not–allow that to happen to a far more important operation—our city schools.

All that loud rabble can do is repeat national propaganda where they pump up a false narrative when it comes to law enforcement in Madison and Dane County. Those groups ramp and elevate false allegations that police officers in the schools feed the “school-to-prison pipeline.”  One of them even said police are trained to kill black kids, even though all four Madison EROs are minorities!

But facts seemingly will not deter those determined to undermine our local police.  So that requires local citizens standing up and demanding the Madison School Board do the work that those who pay the taxes demand.

The Madison Police Department, it needs noting, has highly professional men and women and is nationally known for not having the issues that some departments have in other places.  We can be damn proud of the ones in blue in Madison!

The community-minded (and popular!) EROs engage with students in a friendly but authoritative support role. They have broken up many large-scale cafeteria fights and have disarmed students bringing loaded weapons to school. It is more important than ever that we teach our young people respect for the law while keeping them safe from predators — from within and outside their schools.

I want to encourage all who care about this matter to attend the next Madison Board of Education meeting. It starts at Monday, August 27  at 6P.M. at MMSD headquarters, 545 W. Dayton St. Show up a little before 6 p.m. in order to register to speak. (Time limit: 3 minutes). There is free parking around the building.

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