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Bernie Sanders Voters Now Need To Perform (In Florida)

August 29, 2018

If only the Bernie Sanders voters had more than just a candidate running for office.  If only they had an actual nominee that would WOW the electorate and thereby show to the nation that if a true progressive is offered to the voters as a choice the end result will be shockingly good.

Well, Bernie Sanders voters have that chance.  In Florida.

I was stunned last night when Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a black progressive who never led in a major poll, edged out former Congresswoman Gwen Graham, the politically moderate daughter of popular former governor and senator Bob Graham, in the Democratic primary.

In the mid-term of the woman I thought that Graham would have prevailed, and still think she would make a better fall candidate.  While I was amazed at the turnout by young people and minorities the fact is that statistics show those demographics are not huge voting blocs in mid-term elections.  And the Florida governor’s race is a most vital win this cycle for Democrats.

Obviously Gillum ran a most impressive campaign, and no one needs to underscore that he is bright and filled with energy.  But before one can govern one needs to be elected.   And I just can not see that happening in a state that is not solidly blue.

The contest in Florida is now the one Sanders’ voters have been asking for.  Give the voters a choice of a true progressive and the voters will respond.

We will be watching.


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  1. Solly permalink
    August 29, 2018 2:47 PM

    “We will be watching.” Is that the royal “we” Deke, or do you have a turd in your pocket? I can understand your disappointment owing to your preference for inheriting elected office. The one-term former Congresswoman was the daughter of the former Governor and Senator. Gillum clearly couldn’t match that, so why did he even run? He was born poor, in Miami. His mother was a school-bus driver and his father was a construction laborer. But in one of those awkward realities of democracy, he got the most votes in the primary and won. So, yes now it is time for Bernie supporters, Graham supporters, Levin supporters and Hillary supporters to come together and become Gillum supporters and do the hard work and win. In that spirit, I just received an email from Bernie raising money for Gillum in $3 donations which I will be glad to pass on to you.

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