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Final Thoughts About John McCain

September 1, 2018

The pageantry from the National Cathedral was most remarkable today. The life honored was most remarkable, too.

As I watched the service something struck me about John McCain. Like McCain, I too love to read history and have done so for decades. Since the fall of 2015 I have immersed myself even more in the past as a way to steel myself for the present times. So it was when hearing, once again, that McCain undertook numerous opportunities to reach across the aisle to attempt a compromise, that it became even clearer how truly American this man was.

The traits that this nation finds most compelling, and why we all have gravitated this week to honoring McCain’s life, is because history shows the greatest chapters revolves around political compromises.

McCain would have fit nicely at the famed dinner at Thomas Jefferson’s home where the war debt and the future sight of the national capital were dealt with. And he would have been a soul mate to the governing style of Henry Clay, another skilled with compromising.

The foundations of McCain were as solid and old as the nation itself. Not a bad place from which to be remembered.

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