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GOP Pulling The Blinds On Brett Kavanaugh Senate Hearings

September 4, 2018

It made for rather riveting television.  But it was not good for the nation.

The fact that Democrats needed to spar in order to make a point, and do so in a rather pithy and protracted fashion at the opening of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the hearings on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, should alert the public to the shenanigans of the Republicans.

At the center of the conflict is a trove of documents from nominee Kavanaugh’s time as president of the White House Counsel’s Office and later as staff secretary to the Bush administration.  These documents exist, and in fact are not far from the hearing room.  They are held by the National Archives.   I was in the city for 10 days last year and know the ease of making the trek back and forth if the GOP really wanted to make these documents available.

As staff secretary and White House counsel under the Bush administration, Kavanaugh’s job was to field all documents sent to the president’s desk, giving him access to highly classified records and requests. As White House counsel, he was tasked with handling confidential internal matters pertaining to the president.

Democrats say the records will give them better insight on Kavanaugh’s time as a partisan staffer.   And that will also allow for senators of both parties to better know the thinking of the person they wish to place on the court for possibly decades.  Why would one work to not know all that can be gleaned?

More light and a better informed process is always a good thing.  How could more information not be in the best interests of the nation?

But if you ask the Republicans that question expect to be met with a scowl and utter contempt.   By not allowing all the documents to be made accessible to the senate–and the public for which they  work–the GOP are only underscoring what many in the land feel.

The secrecy surrounding this nomination, and the Republican antics which are aimed to curtail information, makes a mockery of the process.  A process that should be one the nation can be proud of.  A process where citizens learn more about the court., laws, cases from decades ago, legal theories, and how past courts have done their business.

Instead the public is greeted with yet another example of political dysfunction, and a political party that thinks pulling the blinds is the best way to do their business as majority party.

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  1. September 5, 2018 10:14 AM

    The Republicans made the requested documents available, now the dem’s are wailing and whining that they didn’t get them soon enough. Soon enough for what? They had no intention of reading them, but wanted only to bog down the process. It’s a shame to see this silly sham going on. It’s time to confirm Kavanaugh. and move on. If not, then I suggest that an experienced kindergarten teacher be hired to deal with the whiny misguided children on the democrat side of the aisle, so that the world can move on.

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