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Steve Bannon Should Have Been Interviewed At New Yorker Festival

September 4, 2018

For the record I am a subscriber to The New Yorker.  I deeply enjoy their lucid writing and perspectives about people and issues from around the world.   I also think highly of David Remnick, editor of the magazine.

But I also know that conversations and national dialogues matter.  In this time of loud, even at times shrill, back-and-forth verbal slaps we all should welcome the chance to lower the volume and talk about what is happening to this nation.  But that will not happen at The New Yorker Festival in October. The–‘gate-keepers’–the ones who think they are best able to define who or what is pure enough to be allowed on stage for interviews created enough of a stink to make sure Steve Bannon was removed from the festival.

The New Yorker, first and foremost, would have allowed for a civil and most insightful interview.  The approach of Remnick, as a professional and skilled journalist, would have allowed for a very telling close-up of Bannon.  There would have been no time for glib responses or non-answers.  Bannon would have known when the interview was over that Remnick is not a spineless mouthpiece from Fox News.

But due to some of the other guests for the Festival making a very loud outburst about Bannon being invited, has now made the event itself, the news story.  And that is just truly regrettable.

Bannon is a most detestable human being.  He is a racist, bigot, nationalist, and a xenophobe.  And his ideas and thoughts are fatally flawed.  As such no one should be timid or leery about placing his drunken pile of layered clothing on stage.  Remnick would have had him wishing for a costume change before the interview was half completed.

The ones central to this story think themselves most pure.  They now clap and grin over what they ‘achieved’.  Will they at least feel any sense of shame or irony when later this week they pretend to champion–in some other setting and for some other event–free speech?  Because their understanding of free speech is very flawed.

I wish Remnick had stood firm on the side of knowing sound journalism and sunshine would show all how dangerous Bannon and his ilk happen to be.  All that we now know for sure is that some liberals are too weak-kneed to put up an intelligent fight against the illiberal elements threatening this nation.

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