Watch Video Of Girl At Trump Montana Rally Wipe Nose On American Flag

The on-camera guests at Donald Trump’s rally in Billings, Montana proved to be a distraction for many who were watching,  Many were captivated by their behavior including a girl wiping her nose on an American flag. Make America Great Again!

The three high school students which were removed from the rally for not clapping are also pictured in the photo.

As to the one using the flag for a handkerchief–she was allowed to stay.  That is the standard for a Trump rally.

What this all leads to is stating the obvious about the three young men who are all college-bound.  Young men (and women, too) feel comfortable with big ideas and concepts. They know they are better informed and smarter than the likes of Trump.  Watching the interview of Tyler Linfesty on CNN makes it clear he has better grammar and knows more words than Trump.   It is also clear from just watching society that smart kids, like Linfesty, grow up to be solid citizens.

Their conservative counterparts yell for another Bud.  Or Kleenex colored like a flag.

5 thoughts on “Watch Video Of Girl At Trump Montana Rally Wipe Nose On American Flag

  1. pattilynn9

    Something strange about that clip!! The girl had…the scarf on, then scarf off, then scarf on and maga hat with 1 button, then mega hat off, then with maga hat on with 2 buttons. Yet I can’t see her making ANY of those changes.

  2. Jan Hogue

    The reason you see the many changes in the girl is because the entire video is edited. I watched the entire 1:36:17 video and neither the girl nor the three boys were anywhere in the video. Liberals will do anything to lie to you.

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