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Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences Sees The Light

September 9, 2018

Pop corn with soda and movie shows

There was no more dreadful idea this year–other than the ones coming from the current White House–than the one put forth by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  They had floated the idea to have an award for the most popular movie of the year.  Forget good acting or brilliant writing and instead award a film just because people shell out cash for two hours at a theater. That should not be a barometer for creative success.

There was much blow-back to the idea from creative forces such as actor Rob Lowe, filmmaker Adam McKay, producer and screenwriter James Schamus and late Oscars producer Craig Zadan.

No one should support a move to allow makers of film to lower or ‘dumb down’ outcomes for the sake of an award.  Which is worth more? A bit more highbrow critical praise or an extra $40 million at the box office? Is it more important that a movie be really good or really popular?

I opt for one other option.

Great movies.

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