Madison Newscast (WKOW) Needed A Bit Of Help That Only Charles Dickens Could Provide

Monday evening at 6 P.M. WKOW-TV in Madison presented a newscast which made for some smiles and amazement in this home.

First up, came a report from Montello where the flooding situation has made for some difficulties due to the inability of motorists being able to use a bridge.  But in describing the situation, as the on-scene reporter did as akin to a tale of two cities, seemed far from the mark.   Charles Dickens would have been amused.

But the news quality fell way down the hole when a report was shown concerning the awards presented this morning to the top Ironman competitors.  The sporting event was held yesterday in the city.  But not one single mention was made of who crossed the finish line first, or the fastest time for either a man or woman.  Simply nothing was said of consequence as video rolled of athletes standing in the front of a convention room filled with people.

I guess the answers we seek about the winners is being knitted by Madam Defarge on the Montello bridge.

Details at 10 PM?

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