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The Rot In Catholic Church Means Time To Pad-Lock The Scene Of Sex Crimes To Children

September 13, 2018

The news headlines over the past weeks–on top of those from the past years–regarding the sexual abuse of children by pedophiles who hide in the robes and vestments within the Catholic Church are simply numbing.  The nation has a right to be damn angry at these priests, and the entire Church which has allowed, over and over, in countless ways for the abuse to continue and move to new churches.

This is not some flaw to be healed through spiritual renewal. This is a pattern of widespread and gross violations of the power a man of God has over a child, and of cover-ups stretching from Pennsylvania and Boston to every corner of the United States and the world.

How have so many pedophiles been allowed into the priesthood? How could so many bishops have so consistently looked the other way or worse, paid off victims or foisted predatory priests on unsuspecting parishes elsewhere? Many explanations have been offered: the all-male priesthood and the celibacy imposed on Catholic priests; the elitism, careerism and clericalism of the church hierarchy; the lack of transparency or accountability among bishops.

The Kentucky attorney general will seek the Legislature’s permission to form a statewide grand jury to investigate Kentucky’s Catholic dioceses in line with last month’s damning report on Pennsylvania Catholic churches.   I feel strongly that the FBI should launch a nation-wide investigation into each diocese from coast to coast.  Rip the damn doors off the rooms and secretive coves within these Churches, expose these dark recesses with light and catch the priests on their knees with the boys from the choir.    This crap from the papists must end.  No one is above the law and this sick and tortured way of thinking which has infected the Catholic Church must be exorcised at once.

The parishioners who have been conned into giving weekly/yearly to this bizarre institution are owed a refund.   Tip the offering plates over, sniff out the candles, toss the dead body parts in a pit, and shut the damn doors on a most shameful part of society.  Pad lock the doors and crowd all the priests into open wagons and drive the whole lot of them straight to the local penitentiary.

On the way to the prison allow bystanders to spit at the ones on the open wagons while allowing the boys who were molested to have sling-shots to make their point more strenuously.   Once they arrive at the prison let the priests bunk with the hungry inmates who have a special way of dealing with pedophiles.

The problem with the Catholic Church is solved.

  1. September 14, 2018 7:58 PM

    I joined the Reformation as a 19-year-old, 43 years ago. I am the son of a Catholic theologian. Although I was never molested by a priest — the ones I knew were all thoroughly Godly people, as far as I can tell — one of the things that disturbed me about Catholicism at an early age was that there was no outlet for healthy sexual expression. I don’t want to say “I told you so” now, because this is just too sick and too sad.

  2. Howard permalink
    September 14, 2018 5:03 PM

    I grew up Catholic in the 1950s, went to Catholic school for a while, and was an altar boy too. Probably I was a prime candidate to have been approached and molested, but I saw absolutely no hint of any of this.

    BTW, I stopped going to church as soon as I could get away with it, and at 70 I guess I am unlikely to go back.

    I am not buying into the “2000-year-old pedophilia fraternity” thing. That’s not to minimize the extent and the horror of the pedophilia, but I don’t feel that it extended to every corner of the church.

  3. Joe permalink
    September 14, 2018 9:44 AM

    What has emerged as the ugly truth of the matter is that the Catholic church is a 2000-year-old pedophilia fraternity. The rituals and structure of the church could not be more conducive to enabling pedophilia if they were designed with that in mind. Stropping the mighty Razor of Occam suggests that none of this is coincidental.

    Can you think of a better way to set up abusing children than to put them in a confessional with an all-powerful priest to deliver all of their sins up on a platter? Or putting kids in a strict religious school where they have the concept of the priest as infallible “father” drilled into them daily. Or all of the boy-choirs, catholic youth groups, etc. that are very convenient grazing grounds for the pervies?

    The Catholic church is specifically structured to prey on kids. The lack of any female involvement in the church power-centers, beyond nuns (a vanishing subgroup) is no aberration.

    The new pope, F-1, has done good work in rooting out the money-launderers and cleaning up some of the more unseemly excesses of the Church hierarchy, but has made only modest gains in dealing with the problem that will ultimately kill the church; pedophilia. The Catholic church has paid out $4B in “settlements” so far, with no hint that there is any end in sight. Whole dioceses have gone bankrupt in the process. Tens of thousands of abuse claims are not yet settled.

    This is not just a problem in the US. It is a worldwide problem, and is not going to be fixed by making a few priests do penance and pray over it. The entire Catholic church is suffused with this rot, and the only response that will have any effect is to jail the perps, liquidate the church assets, and fold the religion permanently. There is no selective way to weed out the “bad-apples”, as the entire organization is corrupt.

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