Mass Shooting In Middleton

“This is totally the wrong time to talk about gun control”

Four people have been shot, none fatally, in a workplace shooting this morning in Middleton.  The shooter has also been shot.  There were four people shot by the suspect.

UW Hospital has confirmed that four patients were brought to the hospital.  There is not any reports at this time about the extent of the victims’ injuries, or whether the suspect was shot by police or the injury was self inflicted.

The shooting occurred about 10:30 a.m. at 1850 Deming Way, which houses companies that include Esker Inc. and WTS Paradigm.

A Wisconsin State Journal reporter counted at least 40 police squad cars and ambulances from multiple jurisdictions outside the building.

The NRA would like you to know that there are gun stores open until later this evening for anyone to shop for more weapons and ammunition.  They know that copy-cat criminals will need to have their supplies ready for when the mood strikes.

And so it goes.

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