Two Mass Shootings In America In One Day…And How To End Them

First there was one in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Then in Masontown, Pennsylvania.

One person was shot dead and four others injured after a shooting at a Pennsylvania courthouse.

As I write it is only 6 P.M. and this is still gun-prone America, so…..

But if we are serious about wanting to end the carnage there was steps we can take.  If we care about each other we will take them.

• Ban assault-style weapons.

• Enact a 14-day waiting period.

• Stop off-record gun sales by private owners.

• Stop sales at gun shows.

• Limit magazines to 5 rounds.

• Ban bumpstocks and all other rapid-fire technology.

• Require licenses for all firearms – just like cars.

• Raise the minimum age to buy guns to 21.

• Universal background checks.

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