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Gun Industry Needs To Get in Line With Suicide-Prevention Efforts

September 23, 2018

As a nation we must get a grip on the matter concerning gun violence.

I was happy to read more about a joint effort to stem America’s rising suicide rate.  There has long been an effort to bring together two longtime adversaries: the medical community, which typically, and correctly, sees guns as a public health threat, and the firearms industry which is interested in more sales and less and less restrictions.

In 2016, the U.S. saw nearly 23,000 gun suicides, far outnumbering gun homicides.  Those numbers can not be accepted by any nation.

Therefore it is only proper–at the very minimum–that gun sellers and range owners step up and share suicide-prevention literature, teach workers to recognize distress among customers and welcome prevention advocates to firearm trade shows.

Let us be clear as a nation.  If gun merchants are going to peddle deadly weapons they also need to offer people help if they have any problems.

And Lord knows we have problems galore due to the gun industry.

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