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Which Exit Ramp Will Republicans Take Over Mortally Wounded Bret Kavanaugh Nomination?

September 24, 2018

I get the fact that the Republican base must be fed their diet of ‘everything looking rosy this morning on the Titanic”.   But the mature politicians and head-counters in the Senate know the Brett Kavanaugh nomination fight is now mortally wounded.   The path to 51 votes is now so impossible that it all comes down to how to dump the mess.  At this point the splash-back will be significant for conservatives.  But to pretend there is a path for confirmation at this point will only lead their base–who are not politically mature or head-counters–to be even more outraged when the deed is done.

I am keeping my eyes on Senate Majority Leader McConnell because whether the allegations are proven or not, I tend to think he believes this vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh has become too politically toxic for Republican senators.  He wants a conservative Supreme Court. But he also wants his chamber Republican controlled.  Another nominee and another vote will be able to secure both of his desires. I think McConnell will work to nudge Kavanaugh out.

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  1. Mark Phillips permalink
    September 24, 2018 11:59 AM

    There is no reason not to go ahead with the vote and put this man on the Supreme Court todays story is dying faster than your football commentary career and the one schedule for this Thursday is a he/she with no witness or collaborators for her story. Just delay tactics by Democrats that in the end are going to backfire on them

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