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Why Did Brett Kavanaugh Go On Fox News?

September 25, 2018

I must say I was a bit surprised to hear late yesterday afternoon that a Supreme Court nominee was going to take to the airwaves to make a defense of his life.  Surprised because court nominees have a more restrained way of acting.  And also surprised because members of the court do not just sit down for an interview like a regular politician.

But to top it off the place for the interview was none other than on Fox News.  Or as it is better known, FAUX News.

As a former reporter and one who thinks professional journalism is a high calling, and knows that they are a cornerstone for the nation, it would then make sense for Kavanaugh–if he really felt an interview was needed–to select any of the countless credible major news outlets and journalists for the job.  But to select Fox News makes his defense look weak.

It made Kavanaugh look as if he could not make a defense for himself with a real member of the working press.  Had he selected a tough solid reporter from a newspaper or one of the congressional reporters for a network and answered questions he might have a better position from which to stand today.

Kavanaugh has a problem, as it relates to the public, of not being impartial.  His time on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, his work with the Ken Starr investigation, and his duties and views from the President Bush (43) White House all combine to add doubt about his legal jurisprudence.   And that is why when he had an option for an interview he should have played to the far limits of the ballpark and tried for a solid home run.

But he punted and hunkered down with the Fox News crowd who are Republican backers at every turn.  That Kavanaugh went to ‘his tribe’ to make a case to the nation shows what we all have known for months.  He is not suited for the Supreme Court.

That statement has nothing to do with the sexual accusations made against him.  As noted in other posts on this blog I have great misgivings with how that aspect of this nomination process has played out.  It makes for a truly high-powered political story, but the damage it is doing to our process of governing, when the actual facts are so lacking, makes this not a proud moment for anyone.

Kavanaugh allowed–with this interview–yet again the perception to be made clear to all that he is a partisan.

And with that there is yet one more reason to deny him a place on the Supreme Court.

  1. September 25, 2018 1:17 PM

    We so agree.

  2. September 25, 2018 12:50 PM

    …because he’s a GOP slimeball?

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