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I Suspect Nation Moving Towards Believing Christine Blasey Ford

September 27, 2018

Not to be flippant, or take away from the gravity of what is playing out in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today, but Christine Blasey Ford has a warm spot in my heart for asking for caffeine.  At least twice.  That is something we all can relate to, and feel connected with.  She made the comment near the start of the proceedings, and echoed it again when asked if she needed anything.

While that was charming, let me say with as much restraint as I can muster, the demeanor and tone from Chairman Chuck Grassley was alarming, given the need for the appearance of GOP empathy and objectiveness.  If that was the goal he failed.

First, Grassley should have taken a tip from on-air reporters and pre-read his text. What was aired at the start of the hearing was like listening to a 2nd grader in reading class. Stumbling over words and not having a sense of pronunciation was painful to hear.  It might just be time for someone to hand over the gavel and head back to the corn fields of his home state.

Over and over he was snarky and snarling and that behavior came across as exactly the opposite of what the Republicans wanted to convey to a nation seeking for some way to gauge the truth of the matter at hand.  I was sure that next line coming from Grassley’s mouth would be ‘Get off my lawn’!

As to Ford I must say her conversation moved me.  When she spoke of her feelings of fear when a hand was placed over her mouth, for some unexplained reason, my mind at once went to the hand of my brother-in-law, who playfully for him, held my head under water at a lake near Wautoma when I was a teenager.  Ford’s words today of her memory alerted me that memories from over 40 years ago can register.  I have never known how to swim and that act was alarming to me at the time.   That recollection was not one I expected to have while watching the hearing.

I was moved by the precision of Ford’s words as it related to the science of memory.  Without doubt the line that will carry the headlines on Friday’s newspapers will be, “The laughter, the uproarious laughter between the two, and them having fun at my expense.”   That line was simply gut- wrenching.

No one would make up a claim of the kind now being aired on live television, and endure all the side effects, if this were not an honest memory that she has.  I feel, having watched the first three hours of the hearing this morning, that she is being honest.

I continue to wish this issue could have been known about sooner in the process, so that an FBI investigation could have been pursued earlier. That does not mean such an investigation could not begin today.  If I were so charged with such allegations I would be demanding one to clear my name.

From what this nation has witnessed only one conclusion can be reached.  Christine Blasey Ford should be believed.

What has happened over the past several weeks has undermined the process for court nominees and fractured further a most split nation.  Now the question which remains is should Brett Kavanaugh be elevated to the Supreme Court?

From a purely legal jurisprudence perspective Kavanaugh is flawed in countless ways.  I have stated that case numerous times. But that is now water under the bridge and the only thing that matters is if Ford is a woman to be believed.

That is what concerns me about the process that is playing out.  Sound minds would never have allowed Kavanaugh to be deemed worthy of a place on the court.  Senators too unwilling to state such views clearly (Collins). or those who want to use the court for partisan aims (Hatch) all have helped to put this nation in the place we now are.

Being a history buff my final thoughts about this comes from the Founders whose original intent was to give reason and openness to facts a central role in how our government was to operate.  Reason and facts regardless of how much one might not like them.

And so it goes.

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  1. Mark Phillips permalink
    September 28, 2018 9:08 AM

    The Democrats keep calling for and FBI investigation. If they are sincere about that why did they not do this two months ago when Feinstein was giving the letter. If they really gave a rip about Dr Rose why did they not go to the FBI? Did they not know that in Maryland there are no statute of limitations on this? To wait just before the vote was to be taken is clearly nothing more than a political stunt by Democrats, a stunt that has failed and a stunt that has tarnished their party for a long long time. A sad and dark time for America, and its sad that Democrats rejoice in what they have done,

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