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Personal Note As The Day Of The Kavanaugh Hearing Comes To A Close

September 27, 2018

I had my first beer at my first party of that type when I was 19 years old. That is a true statement. My parents were not drinkers and we simply did not have alcohol in the house.

After having watched over 7 hours of the senate hearing today I realized that what passes for the male attitudes and behavior of youth was never something I ever was involved with. Instead, I set my own path.

My friends in broadcasting school were young and sowing seeds like I was but none of us acted with alcohol as Brett Kavanaugh did–and in his case years younger. I am sure each of those people would say they do not feel cheated or denied something because they lived life with boundaries.

Listening tonight to public reaction from the hearings there are the military types and hyper-male types ranting of ‘this is what guys do’ and I say no–that is not correct.

James grew up in rural Maine with a family grounded in traditions and foundations, and I grew up with similar ones in rural Wisconsin.  James certainly did not act like Kavanaugh when young, either.

So what does that make us–and the countless others who share our values?  Dull? Stodgy?  Lacking zest for life?


We are the type of guys where neighbors have told their young kids if anything bad happens they can always run to ‘their home’ for help.

I felt so estranged from much of my country today and this evening as I listen to feedback from the hearing.  I absolutely reject the idea that Kavanaugh tried to paint today that all guys drink to excess, love beer, and have less than enough character to say no to the things in life which will bring one down.

Today was a very long and sad day for the nation. That too few grasp that fact is even more troubling.

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