Lack Of Adult’s Literacy Skills Pose Problems For Our Republic

Most readers here understand just because one does not like the facts to a story does not make the story ‘fake’ or not based on solid reporting.  But as we have witnessed in the past several years there is a growing segment of people who reject facts. Those people fit certain demographics be it ethnicity, incomes, and schooling.  They label what they do not want to recognize as truth with the label of ‘fake news.  It might be due to their lack of mental ability to think complex matters through, or it might be due to a lazy attitude they have with life in general.

In a republic–such as ours–it is a must that people have a fundamental sense of media literacy. But based on several recent studies –one by Stanford University researchers–we find many people do not have such abilities. My jobs have demanded an ability to evaluate information for its credibility and bias and being able to separate fact from fiction.

Like in those jobs, along with the duties of a responsible citizen, comes the fact that reading comprehension is crucial.  But again, in countless studies we see that a large segment of the nation, in varying degrees, are not as literate as we would wish them to be.

At the end of the day those who read a great deal, or have higher levels of education, live in diverse environments, and have a desire to learn are more able to ferret our fact from fiction.  They are also more able to access and analyze information in a different way from others.   We see the results of what happens when people only read or listen to their tribal spokespeople and never explore competing ideas.

Rejecting facts based on political leanings is a most disastrous course for the nation. It also makes for a stifling nature that does not allow for personal and intellectual growth.

One thought on “Lack Of Adult’s Literacy Skills Pose Problems For Our Republic

  1. It doesn’t take a genius in reading comprehension to realize that “Bart” Kavenaugh is wholly unsuited to sit on the Supreme Court. But a whole segment of our society has boiled his confirmation down to “yeah, sez you!” Failing to realize that “Bart” can be counted on to vote against their own interests, and the interests of the nation, every time he renders a decision. I could say that we get the government we deserve, but I sure hope it hasn’t come to the point where we deserve this.

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