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Madison Police Need Allies Who Know About Addition

October 8, 2018

It troubles me greatly when those who wish to aid the Madison Police use other topics and troubling sources, as a means to ‘assist’ in these rocky times for law enforcement.  Over the past several years I have talked face to face with liberals and progressives in my neighborhood who support the police–including teachers–but are not willing to make public statements as they do not wish the blow back that can happen.  I know police support comes from all sections of this city.  I want to add to the numbers of those who know the value and importance of our police.

Tonight, after reading the linked plea from a Madison resident, I simply must respond.  I wrote the following to the author of the posting.

I am a longtime supporter of Madison Police, and also the police departments where I lived over my life. I also have worked in politics for many years in a variety of ways. I know that to be successful in politics one has to know about addition. One always needs to add to the base of support to become stronger.

Which is why I write this note.

The fight is for our police and the city budget now at hand.  So when you veer off and start to add a link from of all places FOX News about Brett Kavanaugh you are playing into the hands of the ones who use your tone and style to stereotype all the the rest of us who want to (and do) support the police.

You seem to have dual agendas when you use your posts in the fashion you have over time–and again with this one.  If you care about the police–and I feel you truly do–then fight the cause at hand and not turn off those who may care for MPD but not your conservative agenda.

I am sure this offends you at some level for my addressing you in this way.  But I think the police deserve as many assisting them at this time as possible.  And what you do is only to undermine the very cause you wish to aid.


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