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Severe Local Weather Should Preempt TV Programming

October 10, 2018

This week I thought of another job I never want to do.

That would be answering phones at a TV station when callers are more upset about  some show not being on the air so the weather department can report on possible tornadoes and severe weather that is playing havoc with local citizens.

Such was the case in Madison this week.

All three of the local TV stations in Madison are to be commended for the wall-to-wall coverage of the severe weather that blasted portions of southern and western Wisconsin.  It is because of the professionalism and diligence from these men and women, both on-screen and off, that there were not deaths and injuries that often result from these type of storms.  Constant and complete coverage allows for better informed citizens, and safer ones.

But it was mentioned again that there were some viewers upset that shows were not aired so the weather could be broadcast.  I swear that I would have no patience with the mental dwarfs if I had to answer the phone and try to explain why these weather broadcasts matter.

As for me, I can say that the new and dazzling radar and equipment that each of the stations has makes these weather happenings fun.  Weather is exciting to watch unfold, and when Mother Nature has storm systems like it did this week it is not hard to sit back and watch the three weather staff bring all their gadgetry to the task of explaining and predicting the weather.

While no wants damage from these storms I think we all are dazzled by the clouds, lightening, and intensity of them.    For  those who think that the other programming on TV is more exciting and important than the real thing taking place out the window or a couple counties away….well……..I feel sorry for you.

And so it goes.

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